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puckstrucksncoffeecups replied to your post “puckstrucksncoffeecups replied to your post “is it dumb that i am…”

We don’t have a specific association for it, but it works under CATA

tbh I don’t really know/understand why ours isn’t part of NATA but I don’t make the rules

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puckstrucksncoffeecups replied to your post “is it dumb that i am nervous about majoring in sports business because i’m a girl? i can also be an athletic trainer with that degree what is that exactly? is it intimidating?”

(CATA and NATA are the same thing, but one is for Canada and one is for the US, but yes)

youre right i was thinking of CAATE not CATA. idk if you guys have CAATE or something like it? thats the body that regulates and sets the standards for AT education programs

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Anonymous: "is it dumb that i am nervous about majoring in sports business because i'm a girl? i can also be an athletic trainer with that degree what is that exactly? is it intimidating?"

It’s not at allllll dumb that you’re nervous about it! I would be too honestly. It’s one of those fields that’s dominated by men so kudos to you for being awesome enough to go into it!
I’m not sure who told you or where you saw that you can be an athletic trainer with that degree but I think you were misinformed. In order to be an athletic trainer, you have to have a bachelors in athletic training from an accredited program through CATA & then pass the NATA exam.
An athletic trainer is someone who is often a first responder on field (and in so many other situations but for the sake of things, I’ll say field), they prevent and care for (most commonly) athletic injuries. They work with doctors, coaches, massage therapists, and personal trainers and athletes (among others) to help prevent, correct and rehab pretty much any injury. I could go on for days about what they do lol
Personally I don’t find training intimidating because I fucking love it. It’ll be hard as hell for me to get to the job I want, but there’s no way I won’t get there or let any man stand in my way

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I’ve said it before, he was like a brother to me.  And when he confided in me, our friendship kind of took off.  We had a lot of deep conversations and spent a long time together, and he’s just an amazing person…  Before every home game, every away game, I look at that sticker on the helmet, and say a little pray to him.  He’s definitely in my thoughts everyday, he’s a big part of my life, and I miss him a lot.

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@HLundqvist30: It’s hard to say no to a challenge..(x)

ok 3 things:

  • He WOULD do this in s adress shirt and a vest. He just WOULD. 
  • I love that he nominated Loui first.
  • And this is the only time we’ll ever see him with a left part in his flawless hair. 
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Anonymous: "hey are what is your major in college? isn't it something sports related?"

It is! I’m an athletic training major

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Where else do you see the two most prominent players on a team agree to negotiate equal contract terms instead of each demanding $1 more than the other?

"It’s special," Kane said of their relationship. "I was fortunate to come in with (Toews). We could lean on each other, and that really helped us early in our careers." (x)

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